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A fool's devotion was set in motion...

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Her Britannic Majesty
19 February 1990
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No trick of the mind;

Name: Re W. Teapot
Birthdate: February 19th

Short, British and female. Has no luck with red food dye and consquently is the perpatrator behind many kitchen murder scenes. Owns the Gay Scarf, created the Happy Box and will probably hide your stuff whilst your back is turned. Enjoys locking people in closets, beating people with pillows, and disappearing off across the Atlantic every so often. Serial Waffler, notoriously clumsy, and has good balance on trains. Probably has more hidden pockets than you.

"And we're feeling the change and we don't know why
Choose one direction just one more time
Don't say I'm thinking too much if you see what's behind."

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In a world of illusion you can only see what you feel.
-- Mysterious Times

Social capital

  • less than 10